C.F.N.E's mission is: to "promote the preservation of First Nations Cultures and Heritage" here in our region.

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Hi, just imagine driving the Ottawa Montreal corridor through Prescott Russell either via the 17 or 417 highway. and the sign reads 'Welcome to the United Counties of Prescott Russell' now place a pin in the center of the Prescott and Russell dividing line you are now at our 1969 Robillard Road Entrance east of Bourget

  1. Cultural Foundation Native Expressions, incorporated as a not for-profit corporation in Ontario on November 25th, 1999.
  2. Cultural Foundation Native Expressions a Canada Customs Revenue Agency registered Charity as of April 1st, 2001.
  3. Cultural Foundation Native Expressions' buildings surrounded by 47 acres of land, all for 'Aboriginal Community Benefit'.
  4. The 'Zoning' and Planning issues are resolved since November 15th 2004.
    The Cultural Foundation Native Expressions (CFNE) and the land owner agree that the CFNE site be placed in 'LAND TRUST'
  5. To benefit 'FIRST NATIONS and ABORIGINAL Community Members' within the Glengarry Prescott Russell area, towards Preserving 'our Valued CULTURAL HERITAGE' and Engendered, Traditional Ways'
  6. CFNE's board will enforcethat this 'LAND TRUST' benefits its MEMBERS while protecting the 'Personal, Cultural and Spiritual Beliefs'of our people