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50% of todays Cash-Crops are of Indigenous Strains 70% of non-GMO organic food varieties ae Indiginous

Iroquois White Corn Seed is available.
For the 2009 season and onward.

The self-polinating corn was grown with traditional methods without any modern fertilizer or chemical
and produced plants over 9 feet tall with ears reaching 2 feet long.
The seed is whitish color with very large kernels and has many potential food uses.

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19th Century: Over 40 varities of 'Native' corn existed in Ontario, Ten of these ancient varieties have been (Organically) test plotted by C.F.N.E. members as per COG tandards, in the region. Iroquois White Corn Flour (Organically Grown, 'Stone Ground') is available. Tradional Maise (Shoe-Peg) also grown here (test plots).
'Bread, Goose, Bear,Strawberry Higu, Tuscorora,Cranberry,Archicolo,Tohawanda, and Potato Beans' '*Scotia Sequoia Iroquois Bean*' (This variety is pre-columbian 14th century; finally '*CHEROKEE trail of Tears*' recognised for as the signet for the greatest TRAVESTY against ''North American Indiginous Tribes''.
Ahhh...the Squash and Pumkin family, from 'Accorn' to the rare Arikenarowa (pre-CONFEDERATION, 18th century) Squash varieties...Oh Oh, now one for the Natives *'The HOCHELAGA or MONTREAL Melon! From the same seed (vine) you can harvest CANTALOUPE, MELON, CUCUMBER,...and...well lets just say..This makes the Preservation of our Agricultural Heritage worth while'*. Aboriginal Agriculture preceeds all known methods on this land. By growing our own crops in the traditional ways, we can; welcome others to our 'Traditional Fall Harvest Festivities'.





Agricultural Heritage

The creation of a 'Seed Depot' to trade breed and sell rare agricultural Non Genetically Modified food seed stock.

Walking the Red Road
‎'Corn is sacred, everything that grows is sacred,' she said.
'But I warn you, there will come a time when the sons of your sons will forget this.
Then hunger and sorrow will return to the world.'
She shook her head.
'It will not end until - unless - their grandchildren learn once more this lesson -
the only lesson that is worth remem...bering: how to love and respect the Earth.'

---Iroquois Indian legend