Cultural Foundation Native Expressions

Cultural Foundation Native Expressions ( began as dream to bring Native Culture and a sense of Native community to many people and to bring awareness of Aboriginal heritage to a variety of cultures.

Now CFNE is becoming a global reality to a global community.

The Foundation has more than a goal. It has a mission.

That mission is to develop into the greatest organization for providing help, not only to Native community but ultimately to "All Our Relations", The Peoples of the World. We hear Children, Elders, and those of all ages in between crying out for help and knowledge. It is our desire to provide that aid.

If you wish to be part of this "Mission" we can be contacted at -


Cultural Foundation Native Expressions

1969 Robillard Road
Bourget, Ontario CANADA K0A 1E0

C.F.N.E. General Manager

Email:C.F.N.E. General Manager

In days gone by we would wait for our Hunters and Gatherers
to bring news of 'Contact' from other 'People' of this land

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