Flags Down!
One Land, One Heart, One People
Native Structure Construction Blocked in "La Nation" (the Nation)

No Welcome Circles... No Longhouses... No Flags...

the Nations not welcome in "La Nation" (the Nation)

The Cfne land sight has been sold under foreclosure in December 2008.
There was a lien existing on the property.
No notice was rec'd by CFNE or M. Wertwyn.
no other communication rec'd regarding the sale,
to allow for the redeeming of the lands, since the date of the eviction.
Taken sacred lands.

This has been the fourth attempt made for an aboriginal project of this type, over the years.
It is with sadness that we announce all the flags have been taken down at
the Cultural Foundation Native Expressions site.

We are continuing to reconstitute CFNE with the assistance of the lawyers.
The fight is not over it has just begun.

C.F.N.E's mission is: to "promote the preservation of First Nations Cultures and Heritage" here in our region.


Battle Cry by: PILLAR


One of the greatest Native American governments is the Confederacy of the six Iroquois Nations. This was more than a tribal government. It was a group of six different tribal governments. This is the true story of how the Iroquois Confederacy was started. This is a story that has been passed down among the Iroquois tribes from generation to generation.

Long ago, the Mohawks, the Senecas, the Onondagas, the Oneidas and the Cayugas were enemies who fought with each other all the time. One day, two wise men named Deganawidah and Hyantwatha decided the fighting had to stop. Deganawidah said, "To war against each other is foolish and evil. Hunters are afraid to go into the forest. Fishermen are afraid to follow the streams. Women are afraid to work in the fields. Because of war, people are starving and suffering. War must end, and Peace must be established for all peoples."

The warriors of the Five Nations listened to Deganawidah. What he said made sense. So, they threw down their weapons.

All five Indian tribes formed a union. A union is also called a confederacy. Their government was called The Great Peace Law. It was the first United Nations. Later, the Tuscarora people joined the Great Peace Law too, so then there were six tribes in the confederacy. The nations who once fought against each other now worked together as brothers and sisters. They compared themselves to a long bark house of six fireplaces but of one family. They worked together as one people. If any one of these nations was attacked, the injury was felt by all of the union's other nations too.

Here is a picture of a very old real wampum belt. This sacred wampum belt represents the union of the Five Nations. The belt was made to remember the Great Peace.

It means: the Five Nations joined together by the Path of Peace. The Great Tree figure in the center is the Onondaga, the head of their government. The Peace Path continues to either side and that means that others may follow this path and become part of the Great Peace.

Deganawidah said "Our confederacy is a Great Tree. It reaches high into the sky so that all people see it and know of it. The eagle watches from its top. The Tree has four white roots that go to the four corners of the world. If any man or nation wants to obey the laws of Peace, they will be welcome to take shelter under the Tree."

Many nations took shelter under the tree. If any nation insisted on war, it was always warned threetimes to obey the Laws of the Great Peace and use words, instead of weapons, to settle the fight.

For many years, the Iroquois Confederacy protected the American colonies from invasions from the north. Without this protection during the French and English wars, there would be no United States of America today.

White leaders like Benjamin Franklin watched the Confederacy and learned democracy from it. One of the good ideas he learned is that each person should be able to speak without being interrupted. Today, our government is a lot like the Confederacy.