Human Rights Violation
Un cas de violation des droits humains

Government sponsored Identity theft Through Residential Schools
And its continued application within The Canadian Judicial System

Adopted by the General Assembly 13 September 2007

The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the General Assembly on Thursday September 13, by a majority of 144 states in favour, 4 votes against (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States) and 11 abstentions (Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burundi, Colombia, Georgia, Kenya, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Samoa and Ukraine).

The Climb to Akwesasne

Urgent Brief January 30, 2009

Urgent Résumé Le 30 janvier 2009

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January 30, 2009

Human Rights Violation
Government sponsored Identity theft


Residential Schools And

its continued application within
The Canadian Judicial System

Mohawk Traditional Council


Native People have identified that Prime Minister, Steven Harper's apology RE residential schools is hollow and means nothing, due to the fact that;

It does not identify the true crimes that were


It does not identify responsibility for those


It does not offer justice by charging those responsible for carrying out such heinous crimes against children. Which exemplifies for Natives, that there is no justice in the Canadian system.

By making a one-time-lump sum payment to what the Canadian Government identifies as the survivors, is a clear denial of responsibility for the multigenerational problems it has caused, such as with the Duplessi Orphans of Quebec. This clearly identifies that each successive generations are also survivors, which in turn incurs more responsibility upon the government than a measly dollar amount and an apology.

The Canadian judicial system is still carrying out the objective of the residential schools, of oppressing Native identity.

Excerpts from

Prime Minister, Steven Harper's official apology for
Canada's genocidal acts against humanity.

June 11, 2008

"Two primary objectives of the residential schools system were";

"To remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures"


"To assimilate them into the dominant culture." and "To kill the Indian in the child"

" Today, we recognize that, has caused great harm, and has no place in our country"

Prime minister of Canada, Steven Harper

Residential Schools

As an official Canadian Government policy, targeting children in collaboration with the Catholic Church enforced through the British Crown's law, via the RCMP and the courts, constitutes an evil conspiracy of the highest order.

The Conspiracy;

"To kill the Indian in the child" on such a massive scale as to have this illegally forced, more often than not, at gun point, upon all native people, constitutes GENOCIDE.

The methodology of genocide;

"To remove children from their homes" is

premeditated kidnapping, in the 1st degree.

"To isolate them from their homes" is

premeditated forcible confinement, in the 1st degree.

"To isolate children from their families" is

premeditated dehumanization of the human spirit, in the 1st degree.

"To remove and isolate children from their traditions and cultures" is premeditated identity theft, in the 1st degree.

"To assimilate them into the dominant culture" is premeditated brainwashing and reprogramming with malicious intent to cause a deep-rooted psychological and physiological conflict, purposely forcing a multigenerational breakdown of the Native identity, in the 1st degree.

"To kill the Indian in the child", upon one child, is premeditated murder in the first degree. To systematically carry this out upon an entire race IS PREMEDITATED GENOCIDE, IN THE 1ST DEGREE.

For the Prime Minister of Canada to admit "this policy of assimilation was wrong" and officially apologize for its evil effects on the Native People of Turtle Island, clearly exemplifies how an already corrupt and archaic system of people, institutions, regional police, regional courts, provincial police, provincial courts, RCMP, federal courts, provincial and federal governments, CSIS, the catholic church and the British Crown, sank all society to the darkest depths of sub-human behavior.

By singling out children, kidnapping them through the said institutions, raping, murdering and brainwashing the survivors with the evil intent of re-establishing the assimilated minds of these young helpless victims, back into Native societies, proves the Government's intention was to have these children more easily accept the second phase of the assimilation process, the forcible (through murder) insertion of the elected band/tribal council system.

This is nothing more than the early Roman practice of kidnapping the children of their enemies, raising them and teaching them the ways of Roman Court politics, then return them back into their societies with their poisoned minds, with the intent of destroying their traditional political systems.

This is done, by establishing a military maneuver of a "fifth column" such as what Adolph Hitler used in Nazi Germany, what the United States and Canada uses, and is a common practice of any military state.

One must ask ones-self; what is the difference between our two identities to make this violent sub-human assimilation process necessary?

The answer to this is like the difference between night and day. Where Canada is a paternal military state that wages war on everyone who is not like them and on everything, including our Mother Earth.

Contrarily, Native society is a matrilineal society, which wages peace to establish a living harmony with all living things. Native identity is to be true human beings, living in balance with our Mother Earth, protecting her from any destructive force that may attack and destroy her.

Clearly these two identities clashed, for the non-native identity and culture is controlled by paternalistic democracy, which protects capitalism, which in turn thrives off the exploitation and destruction of our Mother Earth's non-renewable resources. Thus, when Democracy and capitalism are combined, it creates the lethal abomination of "DEMOCRAPITALISM" which kills our Mother Earth by creating laws that legalize her destruction and other laws making it illegal for human beings to protect her from the said destruction.

The Native people know that, "killing yourself is no way to make a living" this is not our identity, nor will it ever be our identity. We are not destructors of the land like the non-native society.

Not even the forced reprogramming of our identity through residential schools will get us to change from protecting our Mother Earth, to the non-native identity of destroying her!

Prime Minister, Steven Harper's official apology is an admittance that it is illegal

to try and steal anyone's identity, to force identity change or to oppress native identity from being expressed, through whatever methods of oppression that may be used to illegally force such a change, EG Canadian judicial system.

Therefore, in order for the positive step of Canada's apology for the residential school system to mean anything, that which is identified as being wrong with the policy must be corrected. Meaning, all archaic policies that still continue to steal, oppress and prevent native identity from being expressed must be officially stopped by the Canadian Government.

In light of this apology which identifies that it is wrong to try and oppress Native identity, it is not only hypocritical but also illegal for any level of court system to continue to criminalize any native person who engages in the expression and manifestation of our identity of protecting and defending our Mother Earth from the destruction of her vital resources.

Not only will this benefit the Native people by ensuring that our identity is recognized and protected by law, it will also free the Canadian people from the psychological damage that has been done to them as a result of their government being an oppressor and instigator of genocide, which devolved everyone's humanity in order to accept such archaic, subhuman behavior.

Recognizing Native identity will also benefit all humanity and our Mother Earth. Through official government policy and law, it will provide human beings with the only actual tangible mechanism to fight against the GLOBAL CLIMATIC DISASTER that is facing us all.

Therefore, it is now your responsibility to inform every level of court within the Canadian judicial system, that it is illegal to keep doing what your Premier already apologized for and stop arresting any Native person for defending the land and to stop putting bail conditions on them restricting them from returning to the

land in protest. Which would effectively prevent the Native people from excercising our TRUE NATIVE IDENTITY.
DO act accordingly
In Peace and Friendship