C.F.N.E's mission is: to "promote the preservation of First Nations Cultures and Heritage" here in our region.

Why Acvtivism Matters to me as a First Nation Person

"Why Activism Matters to Me as a First Nation Person"

As an outspoken Activist, I’m often confronted with the question by many from a multitude of backgrounds, as well as fellow First Nation people, why I feel the need to talk and write about activism and political/social justice.

“You’re not in poverty, why do you care?” they say.

“I really don’t think you should talk about it so much” they say.

“Why can’t we all forget about it and just live and let live?” they say.

“Rob...why is it such a big deal?” they say.

Why is it such “a big deal?”

Activism matters to me as First Nation person because the powers that be continue to impose their unjust and capricious legislations on me and my family in the form of laws and acts.

For example, the newly enacted Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) which collapses and undermines my and my family's rights to tax exemption or the newly discussed and announced evisceration of post-secondary education funding which our treaty guarantees us for sharing our traditional lands and territories.

The 1985 Abocide amendment in the Indian Act which cuts our future generations out of access to whatever honoured Treaty Rights they retain by bottlenecking and dwindling our status-recognized populations to zero, contingent on intermarriage as we move further towards zero hour; not to mention the that we still fight to hold onto uninfringed hunting rights, fishing rights, and the 1794 Jay Treaty we seem to be forgetting.

The opposing forces that give steam to these infringements and freedoms (who benefit by us forgetting our freedoms) is, of course, Federal and Provincial institutions; institutions which incidentally don’t face the same sort of social inequities that over 600 First Nation communities experience; such as abject poverty, suicide, and political and cultural genocide significant on a global scale; aspects that numerous studies have been interlocked with a history of colonization; such victimization is given wings to the future with such continued legislations that infringe upon us and our families everyday.

And what happened to Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, Protection to the "Aboriginal" and treaty rights?

If they want to fix the Canadian Constitution (specifically Section 35) to make it more accurate and truthful; they'd have to put a Disclaimer at the end: "Must be 18, Void where prohibited, Some restrictions may apply.

I guess I missed the memo where honouring Treaty was optional rather than guaranteed.

Activism matters to me as First Nation person because of the long history of subjugation done by legislation in our past; and continued in the present; one needs to look no further than the Indian Act;

The 1884 legislation prevented elected band leaders who have been deposed from office from being re-elected, the 1885 legislation that prohibited religious ceremonies and dances, the 1895 outlawing of more ceremonies or giving away of funds or goods, the 1905 legislation to allow all "Aboriginal" people to be removed from Reserves near towns with more than 8,000 residents, the 1906 legislation to allow only 50 percent of the sale price of Reserve lands to be given to band members following land surrender, the 1911 legislation to allow municipalities and companies to expropriate portions of reserves, without surrender, for roads, railways, and other public works which was further amended to allow a judge to move an entire reserve away from a municipality if it was deemed "expedient" (Also called the Oliver Act), the 1914 legislation that required "Western Indians" to seek "official permission" before appearing in "aboriginal costume" in any "dance, show, exhibition, stampede or pageant", the 1918 legislation amendments that allowed the Superintendent-General to lease out uncultivated reserve lands to non-aboriginals if the new lease-holder would use it for farming or pasture, the 1920 legislation that allowed the Department of Indian Affairs to ban hereditary rule of bands and later amended to allow for the involuntary enfranchisement (and loss of treaty rights) of anyone considered fit by the Department of Indian Affairs, without the possession of land previously required for those living off reserve. This was repealed two years later, but was reintroduced in a modified form in 1933. Let's not forget the 1927 legislation of the same Indian Act that prevented anyone (Aboriginal or otherwise) from soliciting funds for Indian legal claims without a special license from the Superintendent-General. This effectively prevented any First Nation from pursuing aboriginal land claims. How about the 1930 amendments to prevent a pool hall owner from allowing entrance to an Indian who "by inordinate frequenting of a pool room either on or off an Indian reserve misspends or wastes his time or means to the detriment of himself, his family or household" as the owner could face a fine or a one-month jail term? Not to mention the 1936 amendments that allowed Indian agents to direct band council meetings, and to cast a deciding vote in elections, the 1951 legislations to allow the sale and slaughter of livestock without an Indian Agent permit, as well as the realities of disenfranchisement and enfranchisement causing women to lose their status (access to Treaty Rights) and denying such status to any children from the marriage with non-indigenous folk. This was later amended to end the compulsory "enfranchisement" of men or bands. The 1985 Abocide and Pedigree (still with us) that was imposed similar to the blood-quantum-to-not rights push in the United States. According to Thomas King, around half of status Indians are currently marrying non-status people, meaning this legislation will accomplish complete legal assimilation in a matter of a few generations.

Many amendments have been swapped and traded, some ended, some continued; the fact of the matter is; our communities still exist under this shadow of continuity.

And encroaching infringements in Treaty #3?

I ask our leaders to open their eyes and examine such infringments of Acts and legislations that have been imposed upon us; and how numerous modern Acts have impacted us by such impositions;

The; Indian Act, Unemployment Insurance Act, Labour Code of Canada, National Housing Act, National Museums Act, National Parks Act, Environmental Assessment Act, Environmental Protection Act, Migratory Birds Act, Fisheries Act, Excise Tax Act, Customs Act, Income Tax Act, Statutory Instruments Act, Financial Administration Act, Department of Indian Affairs Act, Youth Offenders Act, Criminal Code, Canadian Human Rights Act, Canadian Bill of Rights, Canadian Bill of Rights Act, Federal Court Act, Canada Health Act, Citizenship Act, Estates, Death Registration, Economic Development, Cultural Development, Social Development, Monies: Capital and Revenue, Property, Reserve Boundaries, Marriage Registration, Birth Registration, Indian Status Number, Government Structure, Elections, Term, Titles, Recall and Impeachment, By-Elections, Procedures, Duties, By-Laws, Band Council Resolutions, Referenda, Public Lands Act, Police Services Act, Ontario Water Resources Act, Education Act, Wild Rice Act, Environmental Protection Act, Environmental Assessment Act, Ontario Labour Relations Act, Human Rights Act, Social Services GWA, Game and Fish Act, Parks Act, Mining Act, Cemeteries Act, Heritage Act, Public Lands Act, Planning Act...and on...and on...

Activism matters to me as First Nation person because it is have a heavy push to stifle progress for our communities by co-optation of leaders and organization by those that benefit from political, legal, and cultural assimilation, and bottlenecking and eviscerating access to our own treaty rights for lands and resources we continue to share in agreement.

Activism matters to me as First Nation person because in 1928, a government official predicted Canada would end its "Indian problem" within two generations. Church-run, government-funded residential schools for native children were enacted to "Kill the Indian and Save the Man" where the aims of assimilation meant devastation for the thousands upon thousands upon thousands who were subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Canada made a "historic apology" about this past victimization but weeks later, was one of four Nations on the planet who voted "No!" to the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous People because it was "fundamentally incompatible with Canada's constitutional framework" and described as "unworkable in a Western democracy" and a constitutional government by INAC's Chuck Strahl.

The United States; New Zealand, and Australia; countries with the highest population of indigenous people joined Canada in saying "No!" to this declaration; where indigenous people (in our GLOBAL community) face the same as we.

Activism matters to me as First Nation person because so many of us have internalized the homogenous, state-sponsored term "Aboriginal" before we define and reclaim ourselves by our very diverse, very unique, and very alive and individual Nation names...Anishinaabe,To: ************ Cowichan, Songhees; by doing this; although our population grows; our culture and nations begin to die.

Activism matters to me as First Nation person because in one breath, Canada demonstrated to the world its cherished diversity and how much it respected First Nations, while at the same time hamstringing Treaty Rights and Privileges by means of the Harmonized Sales Tax during the planning stages of the 2010 Opening Ceremony. The dancing grounds hadn't even cooled before INAC told many of our education counsellors in Ontario about education rights being scrapped; or undermined so they fall miles short ("loans") of what was intended. How many times do we wrap ourselves in that nice warm, gift blanket before we realize what is going on as we begin to cough and get the chills?

Activism matters to me as First Nation person because of massive cuts in programs such as health and education where we as First Nation people face crisis in disproportionate numbers, as well as a long legacy of missing indigenous women which both media and mouthpieces have buried in the basements of memory.

Activism matters to me as a First Nation person because the reach for the lands we have left are being targeted for nuclear and other such hazardous waste that organizations claim is "safe", but refuse to bury it in their own backyards.

Activism matters to me as a First Nation person because such cuts to education has an effect on our non-First Nation brothers and sisters; As education cuts continue to be undertaken; massively low graduation rates (52% in 2001) of our People (and even lower University (8.9%) graduation rates) and growing indigenous populations throughout Canada, Canada appears to lose billions in productivity and labour growth over the next decade. Ottawa's Centre for the Study of Living's study concludes that not only would 2 of the most significant dilemma's facing the economy of Canada (slow labour force and productivity growth) be addressed, but Canada's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would grow by $71 billion dollars if indigenous and First Nations people had the same graduation rate as the rest of the Canadian population.

Activism matters to me as a First Nation person because of the many leaders who have sold out their own, our generations and future generations for personal and monetary privelage; leaders who have remained motionless in times of crisis; or those that have ceded who were are and what we have left by enacting decisions without our voice, but in our name.

Activism matters to me as a First Nation person because of responsibility to my family, those that came before, those that share this time with us, and those that have yet to join us; future generations.

Activism matters to me as a First Nation person because; as Metis songwriter and artist Ry Moran says, "I saw a child look up and smile at me as if to say; "It’s for me you've got to pray, It’s for me you've got to stay. It’s for me you've got today. And something tells me that I'm born at the right time."

Activism matters to me as a First Nation person because I have a responsibility to those I may never meet.

It's 2010.

Nobody ever says anything.

Everybody wants to sit back and let problems work their way out.

It’s been how many years and this problem still isn’t fixed.

It’s time you do something.

I’m not talking to the delusional, arrogant federal and provincial assimilationists and apologists.
I’m talking to you too, my fellow First Nation and indigenous People and Nations, who continue sit there and let yourselves be trampled on convinced that “that’s just the way it is.”

That’s not the way it is unless you let it be.

Open your mouth.

Use your voice.

This is delusion on a massive scale.

Delusion that affects you everyday whether or not you realize it.

Why Do I Care?

Here’s a better question;

Why Don’t You?

written by;
Robert Animikii Horton
Rainy River First Nations
Manitou Rapids Anishinaabe
Marten Clan

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From: ************ Paul McDonald <**************>
Date: Fri, December 18, 2009 1:47 pm
To: ************ **********************

A variety of mortuary practices are evident on Turtle Island. Native
scaffold and tree burial were not uncommon. For a time Mound burial
was practiced in some areas. "Spirit Houses" were built over the
remains of another sector or the aboriginal First Peoples of what some
now call North America. The Iroquois used humation (burial) for their
mortuary traditions.
What was held in common was the respect for the departed and belief
in a after life. We find parallels in most other cultures and
religions around the world. The reverence for the departed is said to
be the sign of an advanced society, the reverence is also said is what
separates us from the animal kingdom.

Where I hail from, a small village in Ontario the difficult in
locating now forgotten burial grounds of The first People&s is a
difficult task. On top of that there is a lack of reverence and
concern from certain members of the community. I have spent countless
hours reading archival accounts and talking with people. Yet progress
is slow.

Imagine my dismay then on finding out about Kerry Settlement in the
United Counties Prescott Russell. It certainly is a mystery, and
mysteries for historians are hard to ignore.
Accounts indicate a number of Natives where buried here. The
headstones have been cited as proof. To add to the mystery is the
question of why the headstones were removed and buried. Accounts also
indicate that the memorial stones were arranged in such a manner as to
point to another Native burial site. I believe there is a pig farm on
that site at this point in time, which is in the same counties.
So why was there not more effort put into preserving and learning
about this historical and sacred site? Why is so little effort put
into preserving other site, whether burial or of other historical
significance? Why does concern for business seem to win out when the
sacred is concerned. And why, just why, can another society observe
what is sacred and holy to them and ignore, even trample another&s
belief ?
I expect that some of these questions will be answered when we reach
the Spirit World.
Regardless of that, I would like some answers now.

From: ************ ******
To: ************ ******
CC: ************ ******
Subject: MPP Mr Jean Marc Lalonde of the Glengary and Prescott Russell Region
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 09:46:10 -0800

Documents and witnesses reveal Mr Pommainvilles' former Councillor Gary Bradley of the Nation Municipality was involved in the organizing of meetings and petitions against the First Nations and Metis Project Cultural Foundation Native Expressions. This ties him directly to Nicole Lortie a former journalist for local newspaper Le Reflect. She has made public statements against the First Nations and Metis People of the UCPR Region and the CFNE project.

Further to this OMB files containing what seem like more discrimination related to again Nicole Lortie and co., were pulled from the OMB file system, isn't this considered tampering of OMB files?

Documents reveal that Jean Marc Lalonde was informed and well aware of the discrimination related to the First Nations and Metis People and the Cultural Foundation Native Expressions in the UCPR. Why he chose not to assist is difficult to say. The morality of ones' soul is individual. He chose to cover it up.

Documents reveal that both Don Boudria and Mr Jean Marc Lalonde were informed and aware of the nursing home scandal. We here at CFNE cannot find any documentation received from either of these politicians following up on that situation. Why is that?


The facts are this: According to the governments own statistics, although the real number is most likely much higher than this; The number of reported aboriginals is up from 1.2 in 2001 to 2.2 in 2006. That is an increase of 83% and it is now 2009! At that rate of growth the aboriginal population in 2009 would be over 4% by the governments own statistics! Which are without a doubt extremely conservative. Was Mr Lalonde unaware of these stats?

30 to 40% of our region are and or have First Nations and or Metis ancestry. Why does he continually choose to ignore this?

More documents reveal that both Pierre Lemieux and Jean Marc Lalonde were well aware of the aquisition of the sale and land purchases of Mr
Pommainvilles' own land for the Calypso Water Park.

In fact Mr Lalonde went to bat for this project for a 2 million dollar grant from the province to the Nation Municipality and Quebec-based Village Vacance Valcartier. Village Vacance Valcartier has partners like Coca-cola and Johnson. These are rich corporations. Why are taxpayers money going to projects of private big Corporations? While a small aboriginal-multicultural non-profit charitable organization gets nothing but discrimination and endures tremendous travesties.....

Mr Jean Marc Lalonde attempts to justify the grant based on bilingualism??? What kind logic is that? Since the amalgamation Barhaven is considered part of the City of Ottawa.

Ottawa is in fact, considered a bilingual city.

Seems then Pro-Slide owners of Alottawa Water Park should apply for and receive the same grant based on bilingualism as well.

It is unrealistic for Jean Marc lalonde to think that Calypso Water Park will be a bigger draw based on bilingualism. They lose hands down because Limoges is not the Capital City of our Great Country Canada, Ottawa Ontario is. The tourists are naturally drawn to this Great City. His justifications based on bilingualism is a losing battle.

And if this is not enough Jean Marc Lalonde keeps trying to change the UCPR region by allowing big Green and White Franco-Ontarian Flags to fly over the traditional hunting and fishing grounds of the First Nation and Metis Peoples of our region. The UCPR is not a French Territory!

It is interesting to note that one does not see the Ontario or Canadian Flag along side these Franco Flags, considering all the governmental taxpayers funds that get sunk into the UCPR region, where are our provincial and country flags? If you fly a flag of one culture, should you not also flags of other cultures as well? Cornwall chose wisely not to fly the big Green Flags, it would be implying other cultures do not exist.

Jean Marc Lalonde has also attempted a second time to change the UCPRs' regional name via a private members bill to reflect the French. With 0 public consultations. 0 surveys. With 0 input from local First Nations or Metis Groups or any other group as a matter of fact, for example the English population....Is this not undemocratic?

We here at Cultural Foundations Native Expressions feel we have alot of goodness to offer our region and do not wish to be excluded anymore. Seems we are good enough to be promoted by the Disney Corporation via the Disney Video Sites, just not good enough for Mr Jean Marc Lalonde to promote us to the Province.


We must be equitable to all cultures in Canada! His lack of respect for the First Nations and Metis and the Project Cultural Foundation Native Expressions of our region is unacceptable.....


We here at CFNE have no alternative but to question the ethics and integrity of this mans' governance. And are taking the necessary steps to have his governance reviewed. All files are in the process of being forwarded to MPP Lisa MacLeod.

We saw Premier McGuinty on CHCH TV today he stated " Is absolutely essential we invest in the youth of today" I hope he means all of Ontarios' youth.

Margaret Wertwyn, Acting General Manager,
Cultural Foundation Native Expressions

CFNE reserves the right to cc (carbon copy) any media, Aboriginal Organization and Chiefs and Council and other interested parties ei government... within the first 24hrs after you receive this document.

From: ************ ******
To: ************ ******; ******
Subject: FW: Canadian International Hockey Academy (CIHA)
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 05:48:17 -0800

Mayor Denis Pommainville made a public statement that the Cultural Foundation Native Expressions Project was moving like a canoe; not like a vehicle on the 417".

We here at CFNE did some investigating and this is what we learned.

http://www.sdcpr.on.ca/data/documents/the_nation_en.pdf The Nation Municipality has for some reason forgotten to include the First Nations and Metis in their demographics. Why is that?

It is not what you know, but rather who you know!!!


It interesting to note that Ron Theriault of the Atlantis Project of the Nation Municipality is and or was also connected to the production
L'echo D'un Peuple and or Francoscenie.



Does this mean Mr Theriault is an aquaintance of Mayor Denis Pommainville via the production L'echo D'une Peuple and or Francoscenie?

Is this what the Nations' Mayor Denis Pommainville meant? Our late Gen Mgr., and co-founder Mr Yvan St Jean of Cultural Foundation Native Expressions was not a close friend or relative to any of the politicians affiliated to the CIHA. Nor did he have any affiliation to the production L'echo D'un Peuple. Is this the reason why Mayor Pommainville felt the First Nations and Metis Project CFNE was moving like a canoe???

There is absolutely no possible way that MP Pierre Lemieux or MPP Jean Marc Lalonde can deny any of this information or the information related to the CIHA, documents do not lie!

The whip cream on top of all this is that the production L'echo d'un Peuple just received another 20 thousand dollar grant last month....


Just out of curiousity is it normal for an MP to state that he would be first in line to make a private donation to a production like L'echo D'un Peuple? Does this not in itself represent a bias?


Here is something for these politicians to ponder....just how many Inuit, Metis or First Nations' Youth do you suppose will want to attend the CIHA in the United Counties Of Prescott and Russell?

We here at Cultural Foundation Native Expressions feel that the integrity and ethics of MPP JML lalonde, MP Pierre lemieux and others as well are in question and again are taking the necessary steps required to have their governance reviewed. All documentation is being forwarded to MP Charles Angus and MPP Lisa Mac leod.

Margaret Wertwyn, Acting General Manager
Cultural Foundation Native Expressions

CFNE reserves the right to cc (carbon copy) any media, First Nations Groups or Governmental Offices

From: ************ ****
To: ************ ****; ****
Subject: Embrun Hockey Academy
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 23:18:31 -0800


Dcouments reveal the following:

December 21st 2004, The same day Mr Denis Pommainville is nominated for Warden of the UCPR, Cassleman Mayor, Mr Conrad Lamadeline presents a request from the Township of Russell to endorse and to create a hockey academy.

It is seconded by Hawksbury Mayor, Jaques Hetu.


Municipality of Clarence Rockland, Mayor R. Lalonde has councillor Francine Mault on board his team.

Mayor R. Lalonde is the brother of MPP Jean Marc Lalonde.

Councillor Francine Mault is mother of Mathew Malt. On September 22, 2009, Francine Mault declares a pecuinary Interest.


Mathew Mault who was at the time Legislative Assistant to Jean Marc Lalonde MPP of Glengary Prescott and Russell,
gets hired as a consultant for the Hockey School by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.


Both Pierre Lemieux MP and Jean Marc Lalonde MPP attend a UCPR meeting and are asked to co-sign a funding request for the Hockey Academy, which of coarse they signed.

Shortly thereafter, Mathew Malt suddenly becomes the official Project Manager for this project?

Is this ethical?