This page is dedicated to Yvan St.-Jean a great man, a spiritual leader, and teacher.

Was one of his names.
So we have shared some of his knowledge so that people can learn the truth.
He has served his people well.

Yvan stood in protest with his brothers & sisters at US/Can. border against the transportation of plutonium on native lands.
He stood in protest at burnt church.
He supported all First Nations initiatives to protect the people and the lands
His mission was CFNE, to preserve the culture and heritage of the local First Nations people of UCPR.
He was a true warrior, a man of conscience, a man of action.
He will be missed by many.

TRIBUNE-EXPRESS - News Native leader dies

September 19 2008

RICEVILLE - An accident has claimed the life of Yvan St-Jean and thrown into limbo for now a proposed project that intended to showcase local native culture and art and serve as both an educational resource for the area and a contributor to the regional economy. St-Jean, 55, died as a result of injuries sustained when his pickup truck hit a tree along County Road 16 near Riceville. The truck sliced a tree before coming to rest. St-Jean was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident and the truck?s air bag had deployed upon impact. An OPP news release stated that a report from the coroner?s office gave the cause of the accident as a result of ?medical issues? but did not provide any specifics. St-Jean was the director for the Cultural Foundation Native Expressions (CFNE), a regional organization devoted to issues related to aboriginal culture and history. At the time of his death he was working on a plan for a large-scale cultural community centre development on the CFNE site in Ettyville in The Nation Municipality. The project proposal included designs for a convention/community centre building that would include an art gallery section to showcase local aboriginal artworks and also serve as a venue for touring shows of native artwork. The centrepiece for the project was a proposed life-size replica of a traditional Algonquin village that would provide both educational opportunities about traditional native culture and also serve as an addition to the local heritage tourism sector. With St-Jean?s death the project and other CFNE programs are in limbo until the group?s board of directors can meet to decide how to deal with the situation. Wayne Rector, a local artist who sits on the CFNE board as its art director, described St-Jean?s death as a great loss to the community. ?He was a man passionate about his vision,? Rector said.

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For Yvan, I will meet you at the top of the crest of the moon forever and always, Maggie
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To all family, friends and business acquaintances for their condolences, kindness and support. Especially to Ivan's Aunts and Uncles and cousins, the families Levert and the St. Jean.

To my daughters for their love and support.

Thank-you to the local Priest of the Church, in Bourget, On. "Sacre Coeur", and Sonny James Edwards of Ahkwesasne and to Strong Man Standing, for all jointly participating at Yvan's funeral.

Thank-You to the Algonquin, Ottawa based Ladies Singing and Drumming Group and also C. Loades for all singing at Yvan's funeral.

To Deb, Shauna, Helen and Martha my source of strength, friends always.

Especially want to Thank the Warriors of Ahkwesasne for standing as honoured guards at the church service.

Margaret Wertwyn

In our Quest to
'Promote the Preservation of Traditionnal Aboriginal Cultures and Heritage
We have all realised that