C.F.N.E's mission is: to "promote the preservation of First Nations Cultures and Heritage" here in our region.


"With a growing membership, we will put the Federal and Provincial Governments on notice:
That the Métis of Ontario will not go underground for another 100 years."
quoted by Upper Canada Metis Family

Law Society of Upper Canada Tackles Metis Rights
The Law Society of Upper Canada last week hosted a special panel discussion on the continuing legal development of Métis rights.
Métis Bare Facts
Métis lawyer Jean Teillet is being recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada

Confederacy Canadian Metis

By: Sierra NobleThe Duck Dance,
an old Metis Fiddle Tune at The No Stone Unturned Concert in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada;
in support of "Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women in Manitoba".