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Earth Day 2008 Video
Earth Day 2008
Let C.F.N.E.'s work speak for itself

Traditional Native Healing Ceremony Video

Earth Day 2008 was a resounding success enjoyed by all participants. The Earth Day 2008 Celebration was accompanied by tree planting lesson from the South Nation Conservation Authority, native prayers and ceremony. It was attended and participated in by many school children, pillars of the community, friends, and volunteers including local musical talent. This exemplifies living culture and education through action. This demonstrates C.F.N.E.'s committment to ongoing integral cultural development and education on many levels, with commuunity involvment and wide scope.

Mother Earth Day, 2008 - This event was designed to bring aboriginal awareness to the children, as per the Province of Ontarios' new educational initiatives. Truth- Children attending French Schools in United Counties of Prescott and Russell denied access to education and to culture. The events' program was done in four languages- French, English, Algonquin(Cree) and Iroquois. Video of this event posted on CFNEs' web site. I also wish to make the statement that just the day prior to the event, both boards catholic and public (french) had agreed to participate. However the french public school board had requested that the french children be kept away at a distance of 100 feet from the english and aboriginal children. To camoflage The non-attendence incident Casslemans' Council and mayor did a surprise Franco Flag raising day. What do you call that? The late Gen. Mgr. of Cultural Foundation Native Expressions, Yvan St Jean called it "racism".

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