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Earth Day 2008 Video
Earth Day 2008
Let C.F.N.E.'s work speak for itself

Traditional Native Healing Ceremony Video

Earth Day 2008 was a resounding success enjoyed by all participants. The Earth Day 2008 Celebration was accompanied by tree planting lesson from the South Nation Conservation Authority, native prayers and ceremony. It was attended and participated in by many school children, pillars of the community, friends, and volunteers including local musical talent. This exemplifies living culture and education through action. This demonstrates C.F.N.E.'s committment to ongoing integral cultural development and education on many levels, with commuunity involvment and wide scope.

Sophies' Spirit- A traditional spiritual healing ceremony. The little girl shown in the video is the grandchild of a residential school survivor. She was ill and the school was hesitant to allow her to go.... but being a proud little Mohawk girl she took her grandparents' school papers to her school and demanded her rights to access her culture. You see her in both videos. For more stories contact the Vision Newspapers' archives.;

VISION - News Sophie's Story:
a child's tale of courage May 8 2008 by
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