the Nation Building Department Issues

Complaint made in email from Yvan St.Jean to the Nation Municipality Building Department

The Nation Municipality - Concerns with Your Building Department Official Complaint against mr Todd Bayly

Why did Mr. Bayly insist that unsigned English copies of the Order to Comply and the Stop Work Order (faxed to me on Aug 8 th 2006) though unsigned were invalid? Mr. Bayly appearted visibly upset... and was observed driving and spinning the the wheels of the Nation Municipality's white F-150 pickup upon leaving my property. Since when are tax payers RESPONSIBLE to post unsigned Municipal documents order etc... (Nation Municipality's building department officers? If you want to use a motor vehicle to throw gravel in my driveway it won't be done at the expense of the Municipality's taxpayers.

You Mr. Pommainville and your council as elected officials are accountable for all inappropriate and behavioroural issues of your administrative and by-law inforcement officers.