C.F.N.E. A Story of Discrimination...Provincial/Federal Statutes Broken...Multicultural Act Broken...Fighting Foreclosure...

Border authorities shut down Akwesasne crossing

First Nations chiefs comment on media bias
"First Nations chiefs say comments on CBC website a forum for hate"

Hey Caza - Where's The Money?
More Evidence that the Region is Anti-Native (minority)
What happened to the $225,000 Ronald Caza accepted from Jean Marc Lalonde, the Ontario Provincial Member of Parliament for Glengarry, Prescott, Russell for the promotion of the French ONLY L'Echo d'un people theme park?
'Ronald Caza, a Franco-extremist lawyer who is defending the Township of Russell"

Quote from Ronald Caza...
"The only way they're going to be able to survive is if they're able to use their language," says Caza.
"Assimilation is when members of a minority stop making the effort to live with their language and culture.
A lot of these policies being adopted that affect linguistic minorities are to slow down the assimilation."

But isn't that exactly what La Nation municipality did to C.F.N.E.
when it forced C.F.N.E to remove their sign posted in an Iroquois language?

Does that mean any one culture should exclude and not respect any other culture?

Why is posting a sign in your native language illegal in U.C.P.R. unless its the language La Nation chooses?
Or is that the intent of Caza's phrase when he says
"The only way they're going to be able to survive is if they're able to use their language,"?

'In a single word to describe Ronald Caza: BULLY'- Howard Galganov

Boss Hog?

Pommainville, a veteran municipal politician, said he's done nothing wrong.
"What we gathered is information that's already been publicized by the media," he said. "They have to defend themselves, they have to prove they're not lying."
They have to defend themselves, they have to prove they're not lying. Denis Pommainville

Racially motivated Denis Pommainville physically assaults a native person.
The event is witnessed and recorded on video.

Upset Denis Pommainville accuses Federal Government of "bending the rules" for not investing in his "backyard"

'The announcement came after Hill and mayors of nearby communities asked the federal government repeatedly to invest in infrastructure such as roads and sewers that would benefit the park and the community and were told there was no money for tourism projects like Calypso. Denis Pommainville, mayor of nearby La Nation, said he was upset to learn federal officials "bent the rules" to accommodate the steam train.'

Is it true that the Nation Municipal Mayor, Mr. Denis Pommainville is a member of the board at the Caisse Populaire in Embrun Ont.?
Board of Directors Denis Pommainville Administrator Audit Committee and Community Development Committee
Caisses Desjardins a Lecho dun peuple
Is it true that this is the same financial institution that the production L'echo D'un Peuple has been dealing with?
Is it true that this might be considered a conflict of interest?

Should public taxpayer funds be used for greedy and arrogant lawyers in a disharmonious situation who is also a personal friend of a member of the council?
Do the use of public taxpayer funds for expensive lawyers and the association of Denis Pommainvile with Ronald Caza represent a serious financial conflict of interest for the UCPR region?
Is this an arm's length transaction as defined by CRA?
Is this influence peddling?
Are taxes being diverted for artificially created unnecessary expenses rather that being applied for the benefit of the community?

FrancoSwineE - Pigs at the Trough
Francoscenie the group Caza and Pommainville have been closely associated with
is hogging all the government money in the region.

Could we maybe share public funds ... maybe even just a little bit?

Caza historically defends Hogs in Sarsfield.
"No one has told our clients that they don't have the right to do what they're doing," Caza says. In fact, he says, decisions to date have favoured his clients: "The chief building official gave the building permit because she was of the view that they were legally entitled to do what they're doing," Caza says.
Ronald Caza defends factory hog farm in Sarsfield.

Pommainville's Pendleton Hog Farm
Piggery, Pendleton, Pig Farm, Petition

"The disgusting toxic waste of this PIG/HOG farm dumpage and inevitable
... Do you want to be responsible for that Mr. Pommainville & Mr. Jean-Yves Lalonde? "

Government and Taxpayer Funded Cultural Assimilation?
Quote from Ronald Caza...
"The only way they're going to be able to survive is if they're able to use their language," says Caza.
"Assimilation is when members of a minority stop making the effort to live with their language and culture.
A lot of these policies being adopted that affect linguistic minorities are to slow down the assimilation." - Ron Caza
Hogwash Mr. Caza!

"First Nations Children attending a French School Board are having their Diplomas withheld if they do not attend a local Production L'echo D'un Peuple."
It has recently come to Cultural Foundation Native Expressions attention, that our local First Nations Children attending a French School Board are having their Diplomas withheld if they do not attend a local Production L'echo D'un Peuple which represents a historically inaccurate portrayal of Champlain along with Frech Canadian History. Samuel de Champlain historically is responsible for the attempted genocide and destruction of many villages,ie. Hochelaga, this village alone had an estimated 50 longhouses and a population of 1,500. 14 villages were destroyed by this person and his army on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence Village. Many people at the time migrated to other locations like "The Lands of Onontchataronon, now known as The United counties of Prescott and Russell. Their descendants' still live on. As proof of the Aboriginal existence to our area, I offer The Roebuck Village site of Glengarry and The Kerry Village site of St. Isadore. All in our region. How is it legally possible to withhold a diploma, that these children worked so hard to achieve? Is this through out all of Ontario or the UCPR? It is beyond me how our government can participate or approve of this. I pose the question why is a person like this receiving any honors at all? He was a war criminal....undeserving of any honors. Then why is this occurring here in Eastern Ontario Canada. How can our schools make such a demand on the First Nations Children of our area. What is going on here really?


Prescott Russel Business
39- Service Clubs, Government, Non-Profit Org.

39-16- Jean Marc Lalonde MPP
151 Main Street East
Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 1A1
Tel 613-632-2706

39-17- L’écho d’un peuple Inc.
Ronald Caza, Président
675, rue Dollard, C.P. 888
Casselman, ON K0A 1M0
Tél : 613-764-3232
Fax : 613-764-0724
Website: www.echodunpeuple.ca

39-18- L'écho d'un peuple Inc.
Eric Charbonneau, Recherchiste -
675, rue Dollard, C.P. 888
Casselman, ON K0A 1M0
Tél : 613-764-3232, poste 221
Fax : 613-764-0724
Sans frais : 1-888-313-ECHO
E-mail : echarbonneau@echodunpeuple.ca

Read Margret Wertwyn's Story on The Aboriginal Nation Quebec

Natives complain of unfair treatment
"Members of an aboriginal organization in The Nation municipality say their project to build a First Nations' cultural centre
is not getting the same treatment as other cultural projects in the region."
Natives complain of unfair treatment

L'echo des Premiers Peuples
First People's Habitat des Premiers Peuples

St-Jean asks for Cultural Parity with L'echo d'un peuple
from the Nation Municipality

One set of rules for one culture, another set for another?

Native cultural group starts action seeking over $750,000 from the Nation municipality for damages
Wednesday, January, 7, 2004
Yvan St. Jean is general manager of Cultural Foundation, Native Expressions (CFNE), a non-profit organization planning the development of an interactive educational resource centre to promote First Nations cultural and agricultural heritage located at the corner of Robillard and Ettyville Roads near Bourget. The project would include a traditional aboriginal village, a museum, an artist studio and workshops. A letter from St Jean's lawyer, John E. Summers of the law office Bell Baker in Ottawa to the municipality's insurance company's claims specialist, Vivien Herzog of Zurich Insurance in Toronto says that, "the expenditure has turned out to be a waste given the fact that the by-law has been repealed. This assessment will likely have to be re-done," Summers states in his letter which contains a list of damages they believe were caused by the alleged negligence of the municipality.
"It's a clear case of denial of opportunity which contributes to the marginalization of minorities," St. Jean concluded.

The following are some outstanding articles about C.F.N.E. by Greg Chamberlain published by VISION and TRIBUNE-EXPRESS
Native cultural agency petitions UCPR for ethnic protocols July 5 2007 by Gregg Chamberlain

Architect chosen for native cultural project March 23 2007 by Vision

Native centre proposes tour loop trail idea February 9 2007 by Gregg Chamberlain
Nation Municipality responds by making ATV trail directly adjacent to C.F.N.E. property

Native centre proposes road paving idea February 9 2007 by Gregg Chamberlain
Proposed trail for pedestrians and cyclists joining 3 local communities in UCPR
Hostile action by Nation Municipality quashes loop-trail tourish idea by creating noisy polluting ATV trail directly adjacent to C.F.N.E. property.

"To recogognize all Canadians as full and equal partners in Canadian society. This includes educational and economic institutions."

SECTION 35-Recognizes and affirms the existing aboriginal and treaty rights of aboriginal peoples, including Indian, Inuit and Metis.

SECTION 15-Aboriginal Canadians are entitled to full benefits of Canadian Citizenship and the full protection of the Charter Of Right- in areas such as economic opportunity, the delivery of health services, community safety, women's rights, respect for the rule of law, and education and protection of children.

FLETCHER, FREDERICK, J. - Cited in multiculturism and citizenship Canada 1989 "Clearly a substanstantial portion of supposedly tolerant Canadians continue to harbour negative attitudes towards racial minorities.

Chief Red Cloud (Makhpiya-Luta)

Broken Promises
"They made us many promises, more than I can remember.
But they kept but one
They promised to take our land....and they took it."
Chief Red Cloud

United Nations Report
There are 'significant disparities' between aboriginals and the rest of the population in areas of employment, access to water, health, housing and education, it says. Aboriginal women still face discrimination when it comes to property, Indian status and band membership, the report continues. It recommends amending the Indian Act. The report also urges Canada to repeal section 67 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which prevents First Nations people from filing complaints of discrimination before a human rights commission or tribunal.

The Cfne land sight has been sold under foreclosure in December 2008.
There was a lien existing on the property.
No notice was rec'd by CFNE or M. Wertwyn.
no other communication rec'd regarding the sale,
to allow for the redeeming of the lands, since the date of the eviction.
Taken sacred lands.

Sacred Lands, On Sunday Nov. 16, 2008 Acting Gen. Mgr. of CFNE M. Wertwyn met with Grandfather William Commanda to bring word from Iroquois Faith-keeper Sonny James Edwards:
"The lands of CFNE have great spiritual significance to its' people and must be protected"

A Grave Problem?
Problems at the Lot 6, Concession 19 at 5216 Ste-Catherine Street
in the St-Isidore village area
Both the provincial government and the Algonquin Nation want to know whether the municipality has checked to make sure there isn't a forgotten native cemetery on or near the property.

C.F.N.E. A Story of Discrimination United Counties Offer Moral Support to Aboriginal Project???
United Counties Offer Moral Support to Aboriginal Project???
$50 million for a Water
Maggie Wertwyn
The Review, mercredi 17 septembre 2008 Maggie Wertwyn, spouse of recently deceased Aboriginal activist Yvan St-Jean stood beside her partner's mourning fire on their Ettyville property near Bourget on Sunday evening. The fire was lit 10 days earlier in keeping with the aboriginal tradition for the death of a war chief. The fire was kept burning day and night during that period by friends and loved ones who placed a log on the fire with each prayer. Wertwyn says the two feathers in her hands (photo at right) were brought to the aboriginal centre by a Riceville resident who said they fell from the sky moments after St-Jean's fatal crash there on September 3. Wertwyn says she was given the feathers by Aboriginal spiritual leader Sunny James Edwards who led the special ceremonies in St-Jean's honour on Sunday afternoon. "He told me these represented what Yvan was all about; truth and courage, said Wertwyn, adding that she is determined to continue St-Jean's work of establishing an aboriginal cultural centre in Prescott Russell.
Read the full story

3 Page Letter from Margret Wertwyn regarding discrimiation

click to read page

Fighting Foreclosure,
Provincial and Federal Statutes Broken...
Multicultural Act Broken...

Addressing the serious discrimination and human rights issues that exist in UCPR
and all four levels of government (local, regional, provincial, federal)

Inquiring into the circumstances surrounding the death of Yvan St Jean,
CFNEs' late General Manager.

The face of foreclosure...

Native Ceremonial Structure
built by Katimivik (www.katimavik.org) youth
as a project to enhance community development
Denied Building Permit by Nation Municipality

At the final ceremony...
The sacred fire was lit to release all the community prayers
that lay upon the wood with tobacco. (tribal custom)
This contained prayers from Katimavik youth who built the structure,
childrens prayers etc, last 2 years of Earth day celebrations,
family, other native participants.
All those prayers finally released the last night before the structure was taken down.
The tradional stucture was taken down for obvious reasons.

Service in English requires request in La Nation municipality of Ontario
Tension builds between Aboriginals and La Nation municipality

Nation Municipality issues builiding permit to Tradtional Native Structure used for Ceremony and Prayer on Sacred Land.
Nation Municipality has not issued building permit conditions to other non-native structures in the immediate vicinity.

Maggie walked off the property with Ivan St.Jean's ashes in hand, and a smudge pot.


Kio Ora, Me'taleyn, Ai'i, Wachiya, Auneen, Shé:kon, Kwé, Kwey, Boojoo, Oki, Hello, Bonjour

Document List
No fees be charged to Yvan St. Jean"to correct and error in notice provisions"
Valuable Art Donation ArticleWed. Feb 11, 2004 Vankleek Hill Review
Concerns raised about Stained Glass Studio
Public Meeting Concerning a Proposed Amendment to the ZoningWednesday, May 19, 2004 / 7:00pm Town Hall, Casselman, Ontario
Zoning Amendment ... Page 1
Zoning Amendment ... Page 2
Zoning Amendment ... Page 3
Letter of Opposition to C.F.N.E. project filed with Nation Municipality
May 19, 2004"It is our view that the nature of this project as the reason for this ammendment is not compatible with our surroundings."
Signed Valerie Reid, Ron Reid, Nicole Lortie
"ce genre d'activités devraient avoir lieu sur les réserves indiennes"
"this type of activity should take place on the native reserves"
Nicole Lortie

Nicole Lortie (Glass Artist)
"Letter of Opposition" ... Page 1
"Letter of Opposition" ... Page 2
Local Opposition to Native Project

"ce genre d'activités devraient avoir lieu sur les réserves indiennes'
"this type of activity should take place on the native reserves"
Nicole Lortie
"We're not savages"Wednesday, May 26, 2004 newspaper articlecourtesy The Review, Vankleek Hill, Ontario
"We're not savages" ... Page 1
"We're not savages" ... Page 2
"We're not savages" ... Page 3
"We're not savages" ... Page 4
"We're not savages" ... Page 5
Canada accused of ignoring violence against aboriginal womenTue, 05 Oct 2004 08:37:31 EDT CBC News Canada accused of ignoring violence against aboriginal women

'SMUDGE' Purification Ceremony May 19th, 2004 7:00 PM Sharp

Nation Municipality City Hall

958, Route 500 West Casselman Ontario 1 km North West past Casselman City Limits (Embrun Casselman road) Under the Guidance of'Iroquois ''Faithkeeper'' Elder' James (Sonny) Edwards

Cultural Foundation Native Expressions' President, Luc F. Bourdeau is also pleased that one of the 'Algonquin sacred Fire Keepers' 'Strong Man Standing' will attend. The Smudge will preceed a public meeting so we may continue our 'Mission' To PRESERVE Cultural, Natural and Agricultural 'HERITAGE' for South Nation River 'First Nation's', 'Metis', ONKWE'ONWE of Glengarry Presscot-Russel. As a Gesture of SOLIDARITY all Natives in Attendance must be there by 6:30 PM

Traditionnal wear and regalia appreciated.

Service in English requires request in La Nation municipality of Ontario
Tension builds between Aboriginals and La Nation municipality CASSELMAN, ONTARIO
Quote from letter from Jean Sarrazin
Van Kleek Hill Review
Wednesday August 30, 2006
"If you wish in the future to be served in English, please notify us and we will be glad to serve you in your choice of language," explains the Mayor of La Nation municipality Denis Pommainville in an e-mail to an aboriginal resident of his municipality. The mayor's e-mail was in response to a complaint that the native person had been served important documents in French only."
by Ken Tellis

With the e-mail and statements made to the media, Denis Pommainville has personally involved himself in a dispute between La Nation township building officials and an aboriginal organization over alleged infringements of language and native cultural rights. At issue is whether or not an open-air native ceremonial structure, which was erected for a ground blessing ceremony using traditional native construction methods on Robillard Road near Bourget, falls under the municipality's building permit by-law. Also at issue is whether the French only stop work order and order to comply, issued by the municipality, are fully legal. All work on the structure was stopped when the documents were stapled to the structure by township staff. The documents demand that a building permit be obtained from the township before any work can continue. A permit would require the submission of a building plan complete with an engineer's stamp of approval and the payment of a building permit fee of about $100.00. Cultural Foundations, Native Expressions (CFNE) is a First Natons organization developing an aboriginal cultural and agricultural center on 45 acres of farmland belonging to project manager Yvan St-Jean. The ground blessing and ceremonial structure were the first steps in the development of the project, which has received some federal funding as well as the support of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell and La Nation council. In fact Pommainville attended the native ground blessing ceremony, under the traditional council ring, on Sunday July 30, (the day before the stop work notice was posted) to express his support for the project. Called "First People's Habitat des Premiers Peuples" the development will include a traditional Eastern Woodlands Aboriginal Village and Community Friendship Centre. "Please be advised that you must obtain a building permit unless you can provide this office with documents to the effect that you should be exempted" states Pommainville in his August 22 e-mail to St-Jean. With regards to the township's French language documents served on St-Jean, Pommainville explains (in English) that the actions are consistent with the "Township's policy." "All correspondence has been sent to you in French as all previous inquiries were made in French. For your information, our policy is to respond to the correspondent in the language they addressed their request," states Pommainville in his e-mail. St-Jean, who is fluently bilingual, maintains he has addressed the municipality in both English and French at various times about the CFNE project. He says he has never indicated a desire to be communicated with in French. St-Jean says he has also expressed concerns to township officials that some CFNE committee members and financial backers speak English only and that they are upset that municipal paperwork was issued and posted in French only. The French language Embrun-based weekly newspaper Le Reflet recently quoted Pommainville as saying "It is not the responsibility of La Nation employees, if Mr. St-Jean's friends do not understand what is written on the (French language only) notice." St-Jean has told township building officials he would rather go to jail than pay any fine that might ensue from his altercation with the municipality.


"With lots of agricultural land available, Pommainville said intensive hog farms are welcome in Nation where they're treated like any other agricultural operation."

TO BE FORWARDED TO: the Municipality of Alfred-Plantagenet and the Municipality of Nation Responsible for accepting the construction of a biodigester sewage system in the Municipality of Alfred-Plantagenet also the construction of a mega Piggery of 3000 sows (female porcs) in the Nation Municipality.

“…the single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture." Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall
Bill Casselman's Canadian Word of the Day

Is C.F.N.E. be suppressed in favor of a hog factory farm?
Are basic rights under the Charter being denied for municipal farm tax income?
Are Hogs and money are valued above people's rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

"Hog Haven (May 2003)" on hold
Interim bylaw halts hog barn construction in Prescott-Russell By Tom VanDusen - AgriNews Staff Writer

"A one-year interim control bylaw has been slapped down in what some critics have called "hog haven" while a study of intensive farming of all types of livestock is undertaken in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.
The municipality in question is Nation Township which has more intensive hog operations either up and running or planned than any other jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario. In all cases, the operators are major Quebec-based commercial enterprises. In the past, Nation Mayor Denis Pommainville, a farming lawyer, has stated that his municipality - which relies on farming as a major revenue generator - is wide open to hog farm proposals. However, said Nation clerk Mary McCuaig, so many were coming forward it seemed necessary to impose the temporary control bylaw. Nation is no stranger to hog operations originating in Quebec. Two large barns established near St. Isidore several years ago have been carefully managed and have generated no complaints, the clerk said. One of the latest proposal's is for a 2,500 head barn at Pendleton. Not only have environmentalists and neighbours raised concerns, but the site has been ruled to be archeologically significant. An intervention by the Ministry of Culture has resulted in a temporary work stoppage at the site which had been green-lighted for Quebec operators after it met all requirements. Council was surprised to learn after the fact that the hog farm overlapped a recognized treasure trove of Native artifacts and requested that the owners cease building activities. "The law carries heavy fines if a designated site isn't respected... up to $250,000," McCuaig said. "The owners have voluntarily complied." The Pendleton project is one of three in the municipality which have come under fire from the Sierra Club of Canada and other objectors. Another Quebec-sponsored operation near St. Albert has been up and running for a few months, while a third proposal has been put on hold since introduction the interim control bylaw. But that doesn't satisfy objectors: "It's a hog barn holiday," said environmental gadfly Maureen Reilly, the Sierra Club's water campaign coordinator. "Mega" hog barns in Nation are exempt from industrial environmental assessment provisions which allow them to locate "essentially where they like", Reilly complained. Reilly and her colleagues are opposed to building hog barns without an assessment. They call nutrient management legislation "a joke", claiming the province has done nothing to manage "these massive pathogen producing facilities." The club isn't alone in opposing the project. Claiming that intensive hog farms originating in Quebec bring nothing but manure to Eastern Ontario, about 75 area residents demonstrated outside the Nation municipal office near Casselman recently. "We're not just talking about the health-damaging odours... we're talking about E coli in our water," said Kelli LeBlanc, coordinator of Farms Yes Factories No, one of a handful of groups fighting the proposed barns. LeBlanc and her supporters want the province to begin regulating large hog barns as industries rather than farms. They are now circulating a petition to that effect for presentation to area MPP Jean-Marc Lalonde who has promised to introduce it in the provincial legislature. Emphasizing that her group isn't against hog farms under any and all circumstances, LeBlanc said she needs to be convinced intensive operations are safe, particularly where water resources are concerned. "

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