United Counties of Prescott & Russel linked to Local Nursing Home Scandal

The United Counties of Prescott & Russell, has been discovered as being linked to certain events of the local nursing home scandal of 2004. M. Wertwyn Acting Gen. Mgr. - CFNE
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Local Nursing Home - September 2004 Aboriginal Day

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Subject : [FW]USWA Pinecrest Nsg

Date : Mon, 22 Dec 2008 09:18:35 -0500 (EST)

From : "cfneman"

To :

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Subject : USWA Pinecrest Nsg

Date : Fri, 08 Jul 2005 11:41:47 -0500

From : "yvan st jean"

To : fheath@omaa.org

Kw�� Kwey

Fran Heath

Food for thought

3 ELDERLY PEOPLE (September 2004)

are disguised for a bogus aboriginal day

2 were diagnosed with dementia before 2003

the third one wears a costume shop "cheifs"

head dress, however he is end atage Alzheimers

and passes on several weeks after the event ...

the nursing home apparently gave the headdress

to his Widow after the funeral


in the d�ja vue section

MY Spouse Maggie and I went the the warehouse

grocer in Rockland last evening (pay day you know)

in this store we all most had a head on

grocery cart collision with johanne neveu and jos�e

henri of Pinecrest nsg home afterwards in the car

Maggie was deadly quiet till we got home we unloaded

the car and came in muy wife reread the newspaper

article and the correspondence between CFNE's chair

Luc Bourdeau and Paul McCracken ... did you know

joanne administers the home while her sister in law

jos�e henri plans activities with ------ --------TEHRE

at Pinecrest Nursing Home she stated

I'm lucky enough to have someone at Pinecrest

to corroborate these facts, this ain't funny

These people need a serious shak8ing by Cultural

Foundation Native Expressions' "C.A.S.T." (CULTURAL

AWARENESS SENSITIVITY TEAM) Some of the Peoples at both


isn't it also true that because it dwells to close

to First Peoples Values there trainers would have

to meet Local Aboriginals approval or CFNE's standards

And what about First Peoples and Metis working at

Pinecrest can they be Stelworkers wanna be training crap?

Did you also know that my little Maggie was greeted by

a USWA CREW AT her new place of Employ on April 13/2005 ...

claerly stating they knew she was TROUBLE and now .....

You don't have to send paper today and you Know my call

to McCracken last thursday sure screwed up Canada day


May the wisdom of the 'elder' spirits keep you safe in

this journey, that you may find the strenght to overcome.

Atonement and not vengeance will prevail.

Later Fran, talk to you MONDAY


ps I know this may sound barbaric but I sware when

i steppep out this morning at sunrize I smellt ...


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