C.F.N.E's mission is: to
"promote the preservation of First Nations Cultures and Heritage"
here in our region.


Invites You To Join Us For


Where? The Nation Municipality

Route 958, 500 Rd., W.,

Casselman, ON K0A 1M0

When? April 20th, 2009

Time? 1:00 - 7:00 pm

Cultural Foundation Native Expressions is requesting a show of support for the First nations children of North and East Ontario and to rally in protest for the unfair treatment of the CFNE organization and the late Gen. Mgr. Rarihwisaks/ Seeker of knowledge, Seeker of truth/ Yvan St Jean.
If you believe that each child in is entitled to equal opportunities, fairness and dignity, then please join us in our campaign for all First nations children on/off reserves in Ontario. These childrens rights are being violated.

All children should have access to a school that promotes a warm, safe and healthy environment and with the same amneties ei library, gymnasium and science labs anywhere in Ontario or in Canada. Each child should have the right to learn and have access to their own Culture, Heritage and Language. To have the opportunity to learn the teachings of Elders handed down from past generations.

We must stand up to government to tell them that it is time for change.
It is time for them to live up to their agreements and to follow the laws of this land.

We are asking people to hear the voice of the First nations child and "not to let the lies and lines divide them" and to stand stand together for the future of the next 7 generations.

We are asking for support from all who believe in multi-culturism and fairness for all.
Please bring your own candles to light at the rally.

Help us to keep the fires burning...........................