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Help us rebuild the welcome circle ... and restore peace and education for all.

C.F.N.E's mission is: to "promote the preservation of First Nations Cultures and Heritage" here in our region.

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Ancient Iroquoian Burial Mounds

Ancient Iroquoian Burial Grounds

Ancient Iroquoian Burial Grounds
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Bear & Thunderbird Mounds
Toronto, Ontario
As Prepared by Rastia’ta’non:ha
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Tribal Locations in America (Past and Present)
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Ancient Iroquoian Burial Mounds


Registered Archaeological Site containing 12 mounds
Age: estimated to be 3,000 years old.
Location: the north side of Grenadier Restaurant’s parking lot.
(Note: there are 5 more mounds throughout the park confirmed by material culture findings and additional 40 other unconfirmed mounds throughout the park)

As one might expect, throughout the history of this land, the Greater Toronto Area was home to several Nations of Indigenous Peoples, namely the Erie/Neutral ( Erie: “people of the Cat Nation”) , and evidence of their village life still remain in some areas. Most of these sites have been destroyed from the development of the city during the past two centuries; however, some sites still remain intact. When they became uncovered, and are rediscovered either by passers-by or by construction crews, archaeologists and Indigenous Peoples are to be contacted and consulted.

In High Park, fifty seven such mounds have been identified. These are not village sites; they are burial mound sites. Burial Mound Earthworks were built by the Erie/Neutral and Iroquois as was by their predecessors the Hopia (Hopewell). The Anishnawbe were a group of northern Indigenous peoples who were nomadic and did not traditionally live on land that would support building earthworks, as they originally lived north of the southern limits of the Canadian Shield.

Two sites in particular are quite outstanding, for different reasons. One is exposed and unprotected by vegetation, and so is easily viewed and accessed, and therein lies the problem (Bear Mound Complex): because it is not naturally protected, it is open to wear and tear from pedestrian traffic. The Province of Ontario, through the Ministry of Culture, has deemed it an archaeological site (AjGu45), in 2003. It is bordered by West Road, the Grenadier Restaurant Parking Lot, the Colbourne Lodge Road and the baseball sports field. Another one of the other 56 sites, has been almost totally destroyed due to offroad bike enthusiasts, who unwittingly and illegally created an off road bike jump course at the southeastern corner of the park, (Snake/Serpent Mound).

Snake Mound Desecration due to illegal Bike Ramp construction/Bike activity

T a i a i a k o ' n H i s t o r i c a l P r e s e r v a t i o n S o c i e t y

410-223 Jackson St. W., Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4R4
905-522-5717 -ogetgwiaotahioni@cogeco.ca -attention: Rastia’ta’non:ha

Ancient Iroquoian Burial Mounds


Age : estimated to be 8 000 years old.
Located in the Jane Street/Baby Point Road Area
Below the old Erie/Neutral, Seneca and Mohawk village site of Taiaiako’n (which was destroyed in 1687 by Marquis de Denonville, Governor of New France) within Baby Point Road area where 5,000 people once resided, in the ravine that leads into Magwood Park is another ancient Effigy Earthwork Burial Mound. Soil erosion and pedestrian traffic has been a problem here as well, even though it is off of the beaten track. The Haudenosaunee of Six Nation’s Confederacy of the Grand River, who, through longstanding agreements with the Erie/Neutrals, is sworn protectors and stewards of the ancestors. Events of desecration of Bear Mound, the Thunderbird Mound ( AjGu44), and more recently at Snake/Serpent Mound have forced the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Services, through

a PaleoIndian cultural group had established themselves from east of the Mississippi to the Atlantic coast, particularly around Lake Erie (Oswego) and Lake Ontario (Cadarakut). These people were the ancestors of the Erie/Neutrals. Within the Woodland Period (700 B.C. – 1615 A.D.), they became more sedentary and agricultural, and so were able to take greater care of their dead, as well as take the time to build mounds to honour and bury them. Some mounds were used for medicine ceremonies, some were for burials, and both could be used for the purpose of interpreting the celestial calendar and for navigation. These particular mounds here in Toronto directly correspond to the same set of mounds in Ohio (Erie/Neutral), which represent all of the clans Today the family bloodlines of the Erie/Neutral are found among the Six Nations people.

T a i a i a k o ' n H i s t o r i c a l P r e s e r v a t i o n S o c i e t y

410-223 Jackson St. W., Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4R4 905-522-5717 -
ogetgwiaotahioni@cogeco.ca -attention: Rastia’ta’non:ha



After years of land claim negotiations and millions of dollars YOU are being asked to re-enrol
to become eligible for benefits of the Algonquin land claim. What begs the question is, is Helen Sarazin’s
and Joan Holmes’ credibility as genealogists being put into question? Does this also mean that some of those
who have hunted as Algonquins will now be told they do not qualify?

According to Lynn Clouthier’s (the fraudulent Ottawa) newsletter you were good enough as an elector but you must
re-qualify to be a beneficiary. Please see below for my recent letter to Prime Minister Harper
(copied to Ontario MPPs, all MPs, Senators and the media), Ms. Clouthier’s newsletter along with an
Affidavit which you should try to get signed --- see if you can her or Mr. Potts to sign it.

Sworn Affidavit Off Of Reserve

Sworn Affidavit Off Of Reserve.doc

Ms. Clouthier’s newsletter

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

June 6, 2010

Prime Minister Harper,

I am writing as an Algonquin with serious concerns in the manner in which your government along with the Dalton McGuinty government has been dealing with the Algonquin land claim. In the event that you and Mr. McGiunty are unfamiliar with this massive land claim and its problems I will provide an overview of what has been occurring under the watchful eye of your negotiator, Robin Atkins, and Brian Crane, the provincial negotiator.

In April of 2007, the Ottawa Algonquin First Nation (OAFN) left the negotiations table and was quickly replaced by a fraudulent Ottawa community. Despite complaints and several letters outlining the problem, one your staffers, Michel Roy concluded that all was above board and he could find no problem. Even though the minutes of last meeting the Ottawa Algonquin First Nation attended were included in our communications to staffer Roy.

What followed was an assault on my reputation with a lithany of lies to both newspaper and radio that Ottawa had not left negotiations that I had in fact resigned. ABSOLUTELY FASLE. If this was the case then why did 27 members of another community (Greater Golden lake) suddenly become members of the Ottawa community? And why did Gerry Belisle, a member of Greater Golden lake council suddenly become the new Algonquin Nation Representative?

The answer is simple. Without the Ottawa Algonquin First Nation (OAFN), the Algonquin land claim cease and an investigation into its inappropriateness would be forthcoming. In order to avoid this it was decided that a new Ottawa would be created and funding would not be interrupted.

This is same thing that was done with the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation. For years its representative, Randy Malcolm falsely represented Ardoch even though its leadership complained. Once again the federal and provincial negotiators sat on their hands and did nothing until complaints became obvious and something had to be done. The solution was simple again. Change the name from Ardoch to Snimikobi and this will fix the problem. Although this is another clear case of fraud, your government and the McGuinty government seem satisfied with letting this fraudulent land claim take its course.

Here is another one. In Mattawa there are two first nation communities. One is called Mattawa/North Bay Algonquins, while the other is called the Antoine’s of Mattawa. What is interesting with the Antoine’s is that their leader Davie Joanisse took his wife’s maiden name (Antoine) and created his own community. What makes this even more interesting is that some of the residents of Mattawa may have a brother with the Mattawa/ Noth Bay group and another brother with the Antoine’s . I know this for a fact because I’m from Mattawa and I can prove it. Another interesting point. Davie Joanisse was given money to open a trading post in Mattawa. He failed and when his chief asked him to open the books, Mr. Joanisse removed him as chief. The question is - Does no one question or check these things out? Joan Holmes is the one responsible for this phony community.

It is my understanding that the Canada Lands Corporation is prepared to hand over 10 million dollars in advance treaty settlement. Who will administer these funds? Will that money be going into Mr. Bob Potts bank account as is the negotiation funds? The problem I see here is that the Algonquins will be given money to buy land that is already theirs?

You may not be aware but several communities are not at the negotiations. They are Ottawa Algonquin First Nation, Ardoch, Kichissipirini, Kenounchepirini, and the Bonnechere Alconquin community. When the OAFN was at the table I lobbied and attempted to have these communities participate and was met with resistance by members of the negotiations team, including the principal negotiator Bob Potts.

As a little background, Mr. Potts had connections to the BRE X scandal. He also controls and administers the funds, controls all aspects of the elections, to the point of choosing his own chief electoral officer, scrutinizes all election debates and is the also senior legal counsel. Complaints to this man are ignored and never dealt with. Mr Potts has found a gold mine and will do anything possible to ensure that nothing or anyone interferes with his win fall. They wanted no part of anyone else at these negotiations. This is one of the reasons (not including the fixed elections) OAFN left the negotiation table.

Your government ran a platform of accountability and integrity. Mr. Harper if you are serious about accountability why aren’t you doing something to rectify this problem before taxpayers are left on the hook for a very costly court case? Mr. Harper please understand this not about blocking roads or demonstrating( we will not fall into that trap), it is about doing the right thing and negotiating in good faith with those who have the legal right to negotiate.

Is it because we are not registered that our concerns are ignored or it simply because we are native? The fact that we not registered does not make us any less Algonquin native than those who are. Or is this how all land claims across Canada are settled? Mr. Harper, your government’s goal, since coming to power has been to become a majority government. In conversation with Pierre Lemieux I informed him years ago that the Algonquin land claim would become the Sponsorship scandal of the conservative government. It appears as though your government is headed in that direction if things don’t change.

I would have addressed these concerns to the premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty, but he has repeatedly said that land claim issues are the federal government’s responsibility despite the fact that his government provides funding.

Mr. Harper, I want you to know that this e-mail is going out to every MP, every MPP, every Senator and the media.

Please see our website for any further information – www.ottawaalgonquins.com

Thank you,

Paul Lamothe

Chief, Ottawa Algonquin First Nation



OTTAWA ALGONQUIN FIRST NATION (www.ottawaalgonquins.com)

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