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IMP! High Park Mound, Toronto, article/MAP & Mounds scientifically proven by Native North Americans Astronomy‏
on 2010/8/17 11:30:00 (1348 reads)

IMP! High Park Mound, Toronto, article/MAP & Mounds scientifically proven by Native North Americans Astronomy‏

There are many Traditional Haudenosaunee in Toronto and Ontario Six Nations Reserve who want this destruction of a MOUND in High Park, Toronto stopped!
There is much evidence that this IS a MOUND and that the police are ignoring the by-laws of High Park.
BMX biking is BIG $$$ in Toronto, and the police are turning a "blind eye" to the laws which protect, if nothing else, the trails and endagered specied flora there! There are near-by BMX Parks for these BMX'ers to go to, yet they continue to destroy the High Park Mound.
Previously, a petition was circulated. Thank the many of you who signed the petition at:
There was a recent article this past week in the news which I will copy below. You can see the destruction and desecration of HIGH PARK MOUND: ... hurting-high-park-habitat

BMX bike ramps, jumps hurting High Park habitat
Resident wants practice stopped despite locals who say it's been ongoing for decades
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BMX bike ramps, jumps hurting High Park habitat. BMX riders have built jumps and paths in the south east corner of High Park. Despite one reader's concern, police and park staff say they have been there for two-plus decades without causing any problems. Staff photo/LISA RAINFORD
After receiving little action from the city, one High Park enthusiast is waging a personal battle against a BMX bike area in the park that he claims is dangerous and illegal.
Adrian Rhodes, who says he's been conducting non-invasive historical site research in parts of High Park's 399 acres for the past year, is intent on informing the community of the bike situation. One, he alleges, is altering the state of the natural environment.
He has been to city hall to lodge a complaint; he's contacted Toronto's parks and recreation department, which he was told is looking into the issue, but this has yet to put his mind at ease.
BMX bike riders are building ramps and jumps in the southeast corner of High Park, near the duck pond not far from The Queensway.
"It's just not right," said Rhodes during a recent conversation in High Park. "The whole park is a ravine. You can't be digging in here."
Rhodes said he was in the park mid-July to document the extent of what he calls the "degradation." Photographs he took depict a hollowed out tree stump filled to the brim with garbage and bike ramps and paths built out of soil from dug-out pits. Rhodes said he would be willing to help erect a barrier of some sort and help bikers find another place on the lakeshore to ride.
"People, walkers and joggers go through these trails," said Rhodes. "An accident is a huge liability."
Animal habitats have been destroyed, he claims.
"Ducks, toads, bullfrogs - the Blue Heron, I've seen them down there," he said.
Robin Sorys, chair of the High Park Community Advisory Council, the 15-year-old volunteer organization that provides input and feedback on preservation and improvement initiatives in an effort to protect High Park, said the group is torn.
"Some would like to see it brought back to its natural state," she said. "Others think (BMXers) will just go elsewhere in the park."
There have been those who claim the southeast corner of High Park is a burial ground, said Sorys. It's an area Rhodes said does have "cultural significance."
"The city needs to look at it to determine if it has to be shut down," said Sorys. "The advisory council sent a letter to the city and 11 Division in regards to the fact that there are bylaws to this activity. We'd like them to enforce this bylaw, that's our stance."
Staff Sgt. Bruce Morrison of the 11 Division Community Response Unit Manager said he is well aware of the situation. BMX riders have been using this area of the park for the past three decades, he said. It is not something that's popped up overnight.
"Everyone's kind of turned a blind eye to it. It's well established," said Morrison. "We are working with the park manager and staff. This is an issue they're looking into. We're listening to what they're planning on doing."
Enforcement is the last resort, said Morrison.
"We're not just going to go out there and start laying tickets on 12 and 13 year olds," he said. "It would be the culmination of all our efforts. We've been down there to make sure there's no partying going on. People who use it are leaving it quite clean. There are no crowds of people down there, just one or two people at a time. Everyone knows about it."
Kevin Bowser, manager of parks and recreation Etobicoke York District, said his department is assessing the environmental damage in the area.
"It's my understanding they've been there 20 to 30 years. This is not a new issue," said Bowser.
However he pointed out there is a bylaw that forbids bikes in certain areas of the park. He has met with staff on site as well as police and is in the midst of assessing what's happened over the past two-plus decades.
"A number of kids play there. They don't cause much trouble. I'm not sure we'd find another site in the park, but maybe in another one close by?"
There is a BMX Park at Wallace Emerson Park, just south of Dufferin and Dupont streets. Its designer, retired teacher and rider Michael Heaton said he knows all the riders who use High Park.
"But, I'm not sure if they want anyone to know who they are as the city has already plowed the jumps a couple of times," he said.
Wallace Emerson's Bike Park is open to riders and later this month, an indoor course will go up inside Phil White Arena in the Bathurst and St. Clair area, said Heaton.
See map linking the MOUNDS from Ontario to Ohio and more below.
Also, link to SAVE THE SACRED SITES ALLIANCE ... d-mounds-in-torontos.html

I know first hand that this is a LEGITIMATE MOUND!
Continue reading below...

Peace, Kabespir

Date: Monday, August 16, 2010, 9:35 PM

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The astronomy aspect is very valid, IMO.
Nya:wen Sge:no,

The attached map of the Serpent Mound in Ohio, The Bear Mound Complex, High Park, Toronto, Ontario, The Thunderbird Mound, Magwood Park, Toronto, Ontario, Tabor Hill, Scarborough, Ontario, and Serpent Mound, Keene, On are all on a line that were established scientifically by the ancestors long ago. Native Astronomy is considered a science, therefore making all of these sites " scientifically proven" by Native North American Astronomy.

The follow article also verifies the existence of Native North American Astronomy.

Niawen skenon! Oneh!

In peace,

Rastia'ta'non:ha, Onǫdowá́́’ ga:’ Otahyǫ́:ni:
Director Täiäiäkó’n Historical Preservation Society
(member HPACC)

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The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.
The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.