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Digging Deeper Into New Brunswick’s Fracking Controversy | Posted August 05 2013
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Mon, 2011-08-08 15:24TJ Scolnick

Digging Deeper Into New Brunswick’s Fracking Controversy

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In ever greater numbers, New Brunswickers are speaking out against hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and the exploitation of the densely packed unconventional gas sitting below ground. Until now, opposition to drilling has been disparate with some 30 civic groups, many communities and individuals speaking out, but on their own. Now, it seems that the opposition is unifying under a common voice in order to send a firm message that “No Means NO” [pdf] when it comes to fracking in the province.

The August 1st Fracking Day march and protest in Fredericton, co-organized by 16 environmental and community groups, was a huge success drawing a crowd of around 1,500 people as well as representatives from the opposition political parties, all on a provincial holiday. The many groups opposing fracking and unconventional gas are hoping for another breakthrough as they have been invited to the community of Taymouth by the Taymouth Community Association for the second formal meeting to form a common voice and to build short and long term province-wide strategy to stop drilling.
Speaking out against fracking with a unified voice is important considering residents and communities’ deepening concerns over the health and environmental impacts (like carbon emissions and freshwater contamination), as well as fears over property damage. According to the Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB Action), more than 1/7 of provincial land has been allocated for potential drilling sites across 100 communities. Drillers are also holding titles which permit seismic testing in Fredericton itself.

Many New Brunswickers are wondering why companies think drilling is a done deal and why there has been so much government support without adequate public debate on whether or not fracking is such a good thing.

It is telling when you consider that the government visited Arkansas to learn how that state manages gas, and that a key player in the province is Southwestern Energy Co. (a.k.a. SWN Resources in Canada), a company facing numerous lawsuits in Arkansas and Pennsylvania over the damages caused by its drilling.....

For full article read here: ... ck-s-fracking-controversy

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