Turtle Road - Chemin Tortue

Trick or Treat? posted October 31, 2010 - Halloween

The Highway to Hell for moose, deer and turtles? Torture for Turtles?

The path to Calypso Road is paved with good intentions.

The question is would a sign bylaw in any other language mean the same thing?

after passing the bilingual bylaw the Nation Municipality Completely Ignores their own Bylaw!

Unequovical Proof that the Bilingual Sign Bylaw is unenforceable and forced bilingualism is a sham and is laughable.
Since the people who implemented the convoluted bylaw do not follow the bylaw themselves.
The bilingualism bylaw appeal challenge may continue with full proof.
If the pro-bilingual judge still disagrees to be fair perhaps two judges
a francophone judge AND an anglophone judge could solve the dilemna
instead of only a judge of one bi-lingual opinion.

Virtually every sign on the road to Calypso (word meaning to conceal) Road is illegal or split language confused
according to the municipal bylaws which are not enforced on the creators of the bylaw.
Perhaps a new bi-label name for the Nation Municipality would help with the new proposed name being
the Second Municipality Nation so as not to confusion with First Nations.
Which bylaw officer from the Second Nation - la Deuxième Nation Municipality will enforce the bylaw on themselves?
Apparently the For eh is filled will illegal signs!
oh yes lets not forget the moose, deer and turtles...
and technically this webpage (a form of electronic sign) words is translated into a host of languages, not only english and french,
but this applies to the words only and not the photos.

Sign that was recently damaged was replaced with a non-bilingual one.
Yet a bilingual sign appears on private property.
Which is correct?

Illegal sign posted by the Second Nation - la Deuxième Nation Muncipality .
Copy of the bylaw can be found on the the Second Nation - la Deuxième Nation Municipality website.
Signs Bylaw 48-2005

This sign is illegal because French and English do not appear in the same lettering size.
The english lettering is larger.

This sign is illegal because Begins is not translated to Commence and therefore appears in English only.

Totally illegal Turtle Sign appearing in La Foret(sp).

Highly confusing non-orthodox order of lettering appearing on sign
with French lettering appearing in bold and English lettering in normal typeface.
Sign is therefore illegal under the bylaw.
Turtles as always are still legal in either language in La Foret(sp), sign or no sign.

Apparently in the Second Nation - la Deuxième Nation Municipality we respect turtles but we do not respect our own bylaws.

Another sign that does not respect its own rules.

Could we maybe name one of the roads moose road,
deer road or turtle road to remind us of nature in the forest?
The moose, deer and turtles have been here far longer than someone named Bertrand.
A native name would show respect for the forest, moose, deer or turle would also be a refreshing change.
If you use psychological language branding long enough people will believe whatever you write.
and eventually even the ones doing the branding will start believing it too.

Sign dated September 2009 long after the 2005 municipal bylaw in the Second Nation - la Deuxième Nation Municipality.
was implemented and proven to be a valid law.
Superior Court Justice Monique Métivier issued a 32-page ruling on Friday, August 20,
saying a 2008 township bylaw requiring commercial signs to be in both French and English
does not violate residents' rights to freedom of expression under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

This was obviously a very good decision,
no high priced lawyer in their right mind would possibly argue that it limits freedom of expression!

The back of the new unilingual sign clearly showing the unilingual stickers and bilingual phone numbers and dates.

For the lack of a better term A Pour sign.
The moose and the deer are multilingual but the For should appear as Pour and does not making the sign illegal.
It is also entirely possible that For is simply an abbreviation for Forest as in For eh?
which of course is ... where the moose and deer and turtles live.

It is not clear why a moose trail is named after a mathematician or a St. Louis Blues hockey player.
The picture of the moose and the deer would be much simpler
to all languages and cultures. Moose and deer likely do not read the sign anyway.

Stop Signs which originated in Michigan in 1915 and contain the word STOP. This is at a time when the French word was arrêt.
STOP is an english word is but it is accepted in Europe as French,
so an English word created in the U.S.A. is accepted unilingually in French in one language only.
If we combine all the french and english words into one language
we can create a new combined langague called Fringlish or Ench.
This would allows all signs in UCPR to be posted in one language only, saving lettering costs.
like the commonly used French word hot-dog (avec moutarde and freedom fries)
the original French word arrêt has being replaced with an English world stop and is no longer used, or is it?
the use of bilinugal signs is clearly strongly contributing to this U.S.A. inspired uni-lingualism

A truly multilingual sign for those fortunate enough to be able to read
however if you are a native person with land/gathering rights
No are teepees allowed,
no cooking fires,
no wood for the fire
no tin cans allowed that you brought with you or found to cook in.
On the back of the sign is posted STOP in one language only, or is it two languages?

Sign appears in one language only must be replaced. rough road - route accidentée
Apparently the English words Rough Road have been accepted
into the French language in UCPR like the word stop
but it is not yet official in the French/English dictionary.
The municipality could have purchased custom signs at extra expense
but on this particular sign they opted not to BUY-lingual

Rough Road appears in one language only on CH MARTEL RD
The yield sign is neither in French nor English.

Perhaps we could simply rename this road Turtle Road and/or Chemin Tortue,
the name is simple and we would not have to deal with moose, deer and turtles
arguing about whether to put moose language, deer language or turtle language
on a sign or in what order or typeface or color, since moose, deers and turtles can't read anyway.