Welcome Circle

Children Peacefully Surround the Sacred Fire Circle in the Welcome Circle

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Help us rebuild the welcome circle, and restore peace and education for all.

We have a dream.

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    - Host a place where all cultures can share knowledge, assistance and healing thus strengthening the whole group in an environment that is close to nature and is supported by the wisdom of native culture showing us the path to love our planet earth.

    - Provide an aboriginal center where other cultures may learn from the wisdom of aboriginal teachings and views, and apply this wisdom for the benefit of saving Mother Earth, whilst allowing the development of aboriginal based charitible projects to strengthen and assist aboriginal groups without basic necessities of life.

    - Provide a place where the invisible minorities such as the unemployed and disabled can contribute to a social structure and re-integrate though constructive action and obtain personal human value by contributing tangible results in a group setting.

    - A community resource center would provide basic human needs, food, clothing, shelter and work to equalize unfair distribution of wealth, especially where these services where not supplied or readily available in a timely fashion.

    - Establish educational programs to help people understand other cultures and help to eliminate racial discrimination and stereotyping through the promotion of tolerance and understanding.

    - Act as a hub for local artists to encourage spiritual development throught creativity in a way that provides a center that is directly connected to nature so that the wisdom and beauty of nature may be shared by all.

"It is through helping others that we help ourselves." Anonymous

St-Jean noted that the children, including students from area schools and from the Akwesasne Mohawk Freedom School, were the best part of the entire Earth Day celebration, from "digging in" to the treeplanting to pulling adults into a circle dance while the Akwesasne Women's Singing Society performed "The Alligator Song" given to them by their counterparts in Florida's Seminole Nation.

"They wanted it all," St-Jean said, smiling. "We had one class that stayed past their school (departure) curfew. They didn't want to leave."

The remaining seedlings were planted in the afternoon with the ladies of the Akwesasne Women's Singing Society doing the digging and the children placing the seedlings in the hole and tamping the dirt back down. In between the morning and afternoon plantings everyone watched and took part in traditional aboriginal singing, dancing, and storytelling.

South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) provided 200 white pine seedlings for this year's Earth Day gala at the Cultural Foundation Native Expressions (CFNE). The actual plantation site for the seedlings was near the aboriginal-style Welcome Circle, with about half of the seedlings planted just before the noon hour with about 200 children and adults gathered around the planting area as CFNE general manager Yvan St-Jean recited the Medicine Bear's Prayer in a blessing.

Sophie's Ceremony with original song "the Fire"

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Many blessings to all the partcipants